Arrival Instructions &
Information For Your Visit:

  • Traffic flow in the Incline Pines Sub Division is one way. Please obey speed limit at all times and drive carefully, especially in winter when the road my be covered with ice and snow and extremely slippery
  • There is a strict 3 car per house limit on parking, A $50 fine for each excess car per day can be issued by the HOA.
  • Please remember that this is a family housing area and loud excessive noise, or any activity that would disturb your neighbors cannot be permitted and is also subject to a fine from the HOA.
  • We will charge any fines issued by the HOA, incurred as a result of your misconduct, to the credit card you have provided at booking. An email detailing the charges will be provided to you.
  • We take pride in affording you a clean comfortable home in good repair and would expect you to treat it as you would your own home. Please note any major damage or issues with the property immediately after arrival and contact the owner at 512-694-1109 to report it. You are responsible for any damage to the property or it's contents during your stay, and will be billed on your credit card for any cost of repairs that have to be made as a result of any damage, missing items, etc. Again a detailed explanation will be provided via email.
  • Entrance to the house is controlled by digital keypads. Primary entramce and exit for guests is the downstairs door. You will be provided a 4 digit entry code to that door for your stay.

    To unlock the door, enter the provided 4 digit code, then press the Kwikset button at the top of the keypad.
    The deadbolt will unlock.
    When leaving the house make sure door is securely closed then press the Kwikset button once and the deadbolt will lock. Before leaving check the door to make sure that it is locked. An emergency key is located in the key box hanging on the gas meter outside the downstairs door. Should the digital keypad fail to work for any reason, use the key in the key box to manually unlock and lock the door. Always replace the key in the key box and secure it.
    Lost keys may result in a replacement cost charge
  • The house is centrally heated with a gas furnace. Because of the year round cool temperatures in Lake Tahoe, there is no air conditioning system.
    The Nest digital thermostat for controlling the heat is located at the top of stairs next to the key rack. The temp level is adjusted by turning the metal ring on the outside of the thermostat.
    When you arrive the temp is set to 55. Set it to a comfortable temperature for your stay.
    The thermostat automatically sets the temp to 68 at 7AM and to 62 at 10PM. You may change these settings to adjust to your comfort level if you like.
    It should be noted that mountain air is typically very dry and can cause discomfort to some. There are room humidifiers located in the downstairs bath over the washer/dryer for your use.

  • This is a No Smoking Unit** If you do smoke, please do so outside. Thanks
  • The futon in the downstairs den makes into a full size bed. Move it away from the wall about 6 inches, pull the back forward to release and let it down gently to form a bed. Linen and blankets for it are located in the dresser located in the den.
  • Using the fireplace:
    Always make sure the flue is open before starting fire (you should be able to look up chimney) Use any firewood in the container on the hearth if available. Firewood and fire starter blocks can be purchased at locl grocery stores. Make sure to replace screens during use and after fire is out to prevent embers from burning carpet
  • Using Gas BBQ on the porch:
    Rotate grill out from under the deck overhang and remove grill cover
    Turn the yellow valve, lower left under the grill, parallel with the gas line
    Turn on valves for the burners & light with a flame wand.
    NOTE: Grill might cook slower than usual due to the altitude.
    After grill has cooled down - replace the cover and rotate the grill back to it's original position under the overhang.
  • Using the Whirpool dishwasher:
    Please rinse dishes before placing them in dishwasher.
    Wash full loads to save energy and water but do not overload the washer.
    Put either a diswasher pod or liquid dishwasher soap (located under sink) in the door.
    Close door gently and push firmly on center top of door until you hear an audible click.
    Set controls on door according to the load and then press start.
  • Using The TV and DVD player:
    The houes is wired for Cable TV service with a 60 inch flat screen LED TV upstairs, and a 55 inch LED TV downstairs. A BluRay/DVD player is also located with the downstairs TV. The silver remote controls operates both the TV and the Cable Box in both locations. To turn on/off system just press the large white button at the top left of the remote. The downstairs BluRay/DVD player has a separate remote. For cable TV the HDMI input must be set to HDMI 1.
  • The house has high speed wireless internet with a wireless router. If you are using your own internet devicem, the router username is webtahoe and the password is 102469abba. The house computer automatically connects to the internet when turned on.
  • There is a washer and dryer for your use located in the downstairs bathroom
  • Please take houshold garbage out daily and put it in the brown bear proof trash bins located on the street to the right or left of the house.
  • Please leave skis and boards in the ski / coat rack area downstairs and not in other areas of the house.