Sundance 6 Person Hot Tub

A 6 person hot tub is located on the top deck, just outside the upstairs entrance.
Extra large towels are located in the small storage cabinet in the entrance foyer,
along with hot tub supplies, for use durng your stay.

Instructions for using the Hot Tub



  • Tub is secured with a cable and combination lock and latch straps in front on each side.
  • The tub must be secured at all times when not in use to prevent accidental drowning by children.
    The HOA will issue a fine of $50 per day if tub is found unsecured.




Raising Cover

  • Unlock combination lock and remove the safety cables.
    • The combination is posted in the foyer on the exit door to the hottub.
    • Leave cable in the grommetts while using tub.
    • Unlatch safety straps.
    • Stand on right (deck) side of tub.
    • Lift front cover & lay it onto back section.
    • Do not drop or slam it onto back section.
    • Lift both sections together until vertical and stable.
    • Before raising cover in winter, remove snow
      Broom & shovel located inside foyer.
    • Do Not sit or lean on white drain cover.

  • Control panel located in front.
  • Set temp as desired, max 104.
  • Leave temp setting during stay
  • Jet 1 and Jet 2 starts circulation.
Departure Instructions:
  • Turn temp down to 85.
  • Leave the air setting on,
  • Secure cover with the safety cables,
    combination lock & leather straps.
Closing cover:
  • Make sure all occupants are out of tub.
  • Stand on the right (deck) side of the tub.
  • Lower both sections to tub surface.
  • Do not drop or slam to tub.
  • Raise front section and lower to tub.
  • Again do not drop or slam it down.
  • Insure cover skirts are outside of tub.
  • Latch front security straps.
  • Replace safety cable and lock the combination lock.